About /Steering Committee

The Association of Bridal Consultants is a membership service organization, designed to increase awareness of the wedding business and improve the professionalism of members. Founded in 1981, ABC Members represent the entire scope of the wedding industry: from coordinators to wedding vendors.

The Greater Los Angeles Networking Group hosts 6 Networking & Educational Workshops throughout the year.

The Steering Committee for ABC-GLA is comprised of Wedding & Event Professionals who volunteer their time and expertise in creating monthly events and fostering a collabroative community of wedding professionals while promotting business growth and professional developement.

Our 2015 ABC-GLA Steering Committee is:


Laura        Adam


Carol     Jackie

Alice     Diana

Martin     Lilian     Michelle

One thought on “About /Steering Committee

  1. tobey Dodge says:

    Hi everyone,
    I came across a business at BIZBASH last week that I thought would be invited to show case at one of your meetings. Hopefully they will decide to join ABC. The business is Sugarfina. Brittany Newman is the account associate I spoke with. 3915 W 102nd. St. LA, CA 90303.
    855-784-2734 x149

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